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Update by user Mar 10, 2013

In response to comment my daughter was not a child she was actually over 18 at the time, she struggled for 3 years to pass that Ged test and I am proud to say has since passed it since this happened. And she herself denies licking her fingers and I believe her.

I have never seen her eat that way. I think the manager was lying when they talked to him in response to my complaint.

Update by user Mar 07, 2013

I forgot to clarify though that the cereal was dumped loose in a big pile into the clear tub it was not already put into individually portioned sizes. She took what she wanted because there was no indication they cared how much she took and if they felt she had taken too much all they had to do was tell her nicely .

Original review posted by user Mar 07, 2013

My daughter was studying to get her Ged at the time due to a learning disability, and because we didn't have internet I would drop her off at the local whole foods near to where I worked with the laptop and she would spend the time studying then walk to visit me when she was done. They all knew her there and were kind to her or so I thought.

I love health food and would shop there and buy what I could afford. They always offered free samples of food in large plastic tubs,and one day while there my daughter became hungry and took a handful of some cereal. The manager approached her like she was a criminal told her she had taken too much, threw her out of the store and told her to never come back. First of all the food is offered for free she did not steal it, secondly if he felt she took too much all he had to do was kindly explain to her how much he wanted her to take and she would have done it that way from them on.

She came in to me crying and I went back to the store hoping to talk to someone and get an apology instead the same manager approached me and was rude and disrespectful. Saying she deserved it because she had "taken a whole handful I can't have that she is out" he said He then proceeded to threatened to kick me out of the store too.I put in a complaint against him and when they called me about it the woman sounded snobby and claimed thatthe manager said my daugher had been licking her fingers which is not true she never eats that way and that they were only sorry because she was learning disabled(in other words they thought she was too *** to know any better and she is not ***). She went on to defend his behavior and told me that he had every right to throw a customer out of the store for taking too much free food ! Amazingly arrogant behavior to two customers over something so trivial .

We will never go back there. I buy my health food elsewhere.

Review about: Whole Foods Market Manager.

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Interesting that you blatantly state you can't/wont shop there yet it is a perfect place to drop your teenager off to loiter.. Sounds like you did them a favor by never "shopping" there again :)


You do not need internet to study for a ged.I just went to the libary and took out the book and studied that way.She could have also used internet at the libary.They were probably looking for an excuse to kick her out because she was there everyday which the free wi fi is only meant for paying customers.Your daughter took advantage of that.She probably was eating on the free samples all the time she was there.If they allowed that then no one would pay and just sit there and eat all day,like your daughter did.

Belen, New Mexico, United States #793942

A sample is to take a taste so you decide if you should buy the product, not to feed a person you dumped off at a grocery store to use the internet. Sorry to seem callus, no sympathy for this complaint. Use the library

Richardson, Texas, United States #777631

It is a business not a daycare for adults or kids. 'Nuff said.

Why are people always lying on here? Really isn't there anything better to do on the internet?

Livonia, Michigan, United States #699500

As much as tolerance comes to mind when one thinks of Whole Foods, remember that they cater to a certain clientele. Not to make any assumptions about your financial situation other than what you have provided, but Whole Foods can charge as much as they do because they attract people who can afford to pay those prices. They have an image of exclusivity to maintain.

Georgetown, Texas, United States #621042

So kind of you to drop your "learning disabled" child off at the Whole Foods to be BABYSAT for free. I also love parents who say, "Oh, my child would NEVER do that!" but were not even there when the alleged behavior took place.

Your child also should have been taught to use the scoop and plastic cup provided for sanitary dispensing of bulk products at Whole Foods. Oh, wait...this "learning disabled" child had no parental supervision!

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