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I went to whole foods to get some stuff because I'm really sick with the flu. I got bombarded and almost mobbed there close to cuz of all the trashy idiotic intrusive people there along with employees.

I was there a day before that and two employees yelled in my face. And one juice girl was rude. I went to the soup bar and was trying to get soup. Prior to my arrival no one was at the soup bar.

However the minute I got there random *** idiots began hovering there walking near me to a point where I had to just walk away. Also a *** black male worker came and decided to stalk me and not let me shop in peace. He too just wanted to irritate me and come around me. Gee I must be amazingly magnetic that all these pitiful losers and low life's just have to come around my space.

Scumbags. It shows how awful the crazy human race is. No joke the whole time I was there everyone began hovering around me. The black deli worker *** wudnt leave me alone.

Aw obsessed with me? That's nice u *** nlgger dream abt it but u have no right to bother customers this way.

I finally tried to take soup in a hurry before another *** person came to bother me. Then two stuoid black females came and got really close to me too on purpose and one stuck her ugly hand out at me and as a result I spilled soup all over my hand and burned it.

It's literally red and in pain. What kind of sick humans are out there that they harass and terrorize innocent people this way? I'm furious. These *** black people cudnt contain themselves towards another person?

The crazy black male employee *** retard wud not leave my area alone then. He did not let me shop in peace. He has no right to do this. No he was not doing his job he was semi stalking irritating me.

He had a beard I think. Someone needs to tell these idiotic monkeys to leave customers alone and let them shop. Oh yeah once I was done getting soup everyone left the area. What a terrible experience.

A retarded white lady kept walking by me too over and over and staring at me. Can the idiots at whole foods just not contain themselves or something.

This was a horrific experience and can't control the *** random ugly piece of shlt customers but the employees do not need to be annoying harassing and irritating customers this way. Take note u *** black male *** monkey there.

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Being you aren't intelligent enough to stay home when you are REALLY SICK with the flu, you deserved the treatment you allegedly got. What makes you think you had the right to expose other people to the flu.

When a person is really sick and doesn't stay home is how other people become ill.

Use your head and stay home. Keep some canned soup on hand and then when you are sick you won't have to go shopping.

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