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Whole Foods Austin's Corporate 6th street store has a very uncomfortable and "unsafe feeling" escalator. You use it to access the parking garage You have to go on with your basket in front of you and it is very steep.

Even when you go on without a basket, it feels like your going to slide down to the bottom. No one I spoke to likes it and they all feel unsafe.

When I got to the bottom, instead of rolling off, front wheels stuck, the belt kept moving, I went up underneath back wheels and it came down on my foot. Broke 2 metatarsals, injured my hip, have been in physical therapy. Over 5 months later still recovering!

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I am not from Austin, but I've been to the store mentioned above a couple of times. I found it safe enough.

I had no fear of falling or sliding down the thing. Of course, I didn't break my foot.

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