Order burger from POS but no option provided to pay from card. Then gather other grocery items and went to get the burger I order.

They ask me paid receipt, I told them i will pay together with other grocery items, but they won't give me burger till i pay. To pay grocery, line was so huge it takes more than half hour standing on the line. If they think people won't pay for the hot food order from POS then give option to pay at POS. So, i never paid for burger i order and didn't went to get burger.

So they just lost $11. I feel like they are telling indirectly to customer,you are going to steal thier food, order from POS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whole Foods Market Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Whole Foods Market Pros: Location.

Whole Foods Market Cons: Cashier counter not design well.

Location: 2201 I St Nw, Washington, DC 20520

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Where I really have issue is walking along P Street NW to WholeFoods near 14th & P NW from Dupont. The WHs are not the problem.

PreCovid I like WH because of the organic options and bins. The prices are reasonable if you are a poor vegetarian. The issue are the very strange snobs here (as in Chevy Chase). You walk along and this gal will RUN around you in a big wide circle because she thinks you got the Covid cooties.

I am dressed normal well groomed this doesnt happen anywhere else but in these "hoods." Maybe she has xray eyes and can see I am Asian. Yes please, RUN RABBIT RUN! I want to scream after her. And the neighborhoods also have their own private vigilante like Mossa sitting in a SUV watching people come and go.

When you scream RUN RUN RUN another gal will make a call and report that to Covid Patrol. Talk about stazzi police state with their very own dutiful swiss citizens.


The employees are somewhat inflexible at times here thanks to BLM. Okay the reason the line long because some people eat the burger while in the store.

Seriously they just snatch cookies, whatever and take it to the bathroom to eat. But FG is supposed to be upscale so they really believe rich people have a lot more self-control. I have taken hot food to cashier before and it wasnt a problem. Not sure how it must be with Covid19 and BLM.

I am sure theyve had to take down a lot of hot self serve tables and sorry but I believe BLM making things worse. They already caused a few more eateries to go bust like Panera Bread near Dupont Circle! And then they have the gall to hang their sign inside the window. I bet they are FORCING store owners to hang BLM signs or else!

(Riots robbing vandalism).

BLM are tools of the black 1%. Its still 1% and the leaders get to walk the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

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