1- Prepared Foods ingredients are shameful. Almost Everything made with Canola Oil which is unhealthy cheap. No Organic choices either.

2- Got Greedy, now have their own label and have discontinued or greatly limited items from smaller organic companies. Very limited selections. I used to shop at WF specifically because they carried brands not found often or ever in other stores. Now they’ve just taken over with their own label and do not support any other really good brands. ITS CALLED GREED

3- Store itself is a mess and looks like regular supermarket.

4- Basically Amazon needs to get their *** together (no pun intended. And redo their plan cuz it ain’t working.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: New York, New York

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Yes I kind of agree. After the scoop up first big change to WF in this area was installation of "watering holes" and big screen tv catering to the jons.

At one they even put in a sushi bar run by swishy dude. The prices have dipped to compete with nearby stores. Like veggies are reasonably priced. But the clientele all tend to have this snob attitude.

Its just a food store! Groupies love WF and the tourists rush to WF as a "familiar landmark." So much for originality. Oh I almost forgot their 365 bread tastes awful. At Foggy Bottom their bread is stacked from frozen onto the rack and the bread bags are WET.

I had noticed moldy bread several times at this store too. And although the produce mgr did agree the 365 bread bags were all stacked up and WET they probably didnt do anything about it since it would require "extra time." Their 365 hamburger buns too salty.


What happened to WF. Less and less organic foods.

Pre made foods look like plastic. What happed to only organic cooked chickens, cutting costs in the wrong places!!!Fruits and veggies, what happened to variety and organic. So much packaged food! Looks like a low end market in their quality and variety!

WF STOPPED carrying so many organic fabulous items that set them apart, I Do Not want 365 brand. WF was built by supporting wonderful small quality companies and farmers. Ralphs Albertsons and WF look the same!!

Too bad!! The people making decisions at the top have no clue about their customers or their loyalty.

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