WFM employees are taught to 'engage the customer with light banter." You'll notice the cashiers usually say inane things like.. so, got big plans for the day...?

There is a hidden agenda behind the "friendly" behavior, and it is the oldest *** in the book. It's distraction. If you care about money you spend, the friendly cashiering is really distracting you from the prices that ring up. I have caught WFM SEVERAL times, ringing up the wrong price - NEVER in my favor.

Let me tell you, there is no apology from them.

They hate being exposed for it.

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Want to know the reason for this? Secret shops.

It's required that they do that if they want to get 100% on a secret shop.

If they they 100% on a secret shop, they get a free gift card.

Most people don't do this, because all it does is delay lines and *** off the people waiting.


I have only shopped WF over the last year in St. Louis, MO.

Same thing, distracting banter. Can't prove it but think checkout scale over weighs.

I stopped shopping there and now get bulk items from Dierbergs. Same brand, much lower price.

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