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Houston TX - Very disappointed with their racial profiling, they had a security guard following me and when I went to the customer service desk to ask for the manager and complain, the manager was just as bad. He didn't care and was very insensitive and didn't give a damn.

He said that they will "investigate" and see what happened? He asked for my phone number and name. I asked him to send me email in writing. He said no I don't trust you, I don't know what you going to do with the email?

When I insisted to have an email in writing, he took the information and I never received anything from him, no investigation, not even an apology.

Bad stuff.

I reported them to the coperate office in Austin, it took long time to reply back and of course they said there was no racial profiling this is normal and they never talk about the manager's behavior.

To top it all off, very expensive, we had a few items in the cart and $300.00 at the register..we bought Wild Salmon Fish it was smelly and tasted very bad and was like small piece less than a pound for $15.00 - Gross. We will never ever shop again in that place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whole Foods Market Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The store has corrupt people working for them, and trashy off the street people shopping there. Poorly managed.

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