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I entered the store at 10:15 a.m. Saturday morning. The florist booth was empty. The vegetable aisle was empty. There was no staff around. The customer service desk was empty. I was unable to ask a question about a bunch of roses I had been interested in, so I skipped purchasing it.

I went to the breakfast bar (again, at 10:15 a.m.) and all of the trays had only remnants of eggs, bacon, etc. There was an elderly lady in a store wheelchair, with her head under the sneeze guard, pawing at the food in the trays disconsolately. She drooled a little.

I looked around, but there was no one there to report to that this was very unsanitary, and probably a violation of health codes.

I bought some buns at the bakery, and after checking out, asked the cashier to whom I could make a suggestion. She said, "Customer Service."

I pointed out that "customer service" was a misnomer, as that booth was empty.

She pointed out someone she said was the manager, a short dirty blond woman with bangs and a pony tail sitting at a picnic table near the exit to the store.

I approached this woman and said, "Good morning. I would like to make a suggestion. Are you the right person?"

She stared at me.

I took this as "interest" if not engagement, and since she was wearing a Whole Foods name tag (I did not get her name, sorry), I proceeded to make my suggestion.

I said, "You know, the breakfast bar is virtually empty ... every tray ... you might consider keeping it open a little later on the weekends."

Her answer, "We close breakfast at 10."

I said, "I realize that, but since it is sold out and it is not yet 10:30, you might consider keeping it open a little later on the weekends."

She answered, "We close breakfast at 10."

All she had to say was "Thank you, we'll consider your suggestion." Instead, she indicated to me a) that she did not care what I said and b) that no changes would be made, regardless of what a customer suggests.

I remember when this store opened, it was packed from opening to well after closing. The parking lot was jammed all weekend. Now, the store is empty. The management was surly and unresponsive to a customer. The buffet was a frightening and frankly nauseating unsupervised free-for-all of people tainting the near-empty food trays. There were boxes stacked in the aisles. Half the stations were unstaffed, and the only people who seemed engaged were the cashiers.

This is a management problem. If you continue to operate this Savannah store like this, you will fail. Why would anyone pay a premium price to be treated like this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Whole Foods Market Manager.

Reason of review: Deteriorating conditions in a premium grocery store.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I received an email about this issue from Whole Foods (the store, not the corporation) and they indicated that they had spoken to the "manager" I encountered above.

I visited the store again last week (first time in three months) and the conditions had deteriorated further. Not only was the place empty, dirty, and disorganized (the butcher area smelled of deceased fish and spoiled meat!), but the staff were more interested in clowning with each other than dealing with the customers.

I had to wait 12 minutes to get a pie cut in two (I know, a very technical job).

Again, why would anyone pay these prices to be treated like this? Is Savannah full of rich masochists?

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