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When shopping at WF and found two prices. One for Amazon Prime and one for no Amazon Prime members.

I guess than my 18 year daughter who cannot afford Prime membership is not allowed to shop there.

These types of arrangements will always back fire. Walmart just has to offer the same food and Amazon is gone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whole Foods Market Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why are you making your 18 year old child buy her own groceries anyway? Perhaps you, as the parent, should help ensure that your child's basic sustenance needs are met, and not blame your lack of parenting on Amazon Prime. {{Redacted}}


And clearly you don't what people disabilities are. Maybe this person is disabled and needs help with their groceries.

Clearly let's see this happen too you and see how people treat you. You're an arrogant and rude ***


and nobody needs you to tell others what to do. Looks like you need to worry about you and your family instead, and possibly get an life!

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