I shop at Whole Foods often because it is very close to where I live, but I try to use great discretion in buying, since so many items are over priced. So, buyer beware - I'm OK with that. The quality is usually good. However, I have noticed a couple things lately that seem less than honest in presentation.

For one, the muffins ($2.00/ea) have recently gotten much smaller, but the price is the same. I won't buy them any more. I used to buy them every week.

Second, today I bought two sandwich wraps from the Charcuterie station, which I usually avoid due to item pricing, and I was quite surprised to see how small they were, even though they appeared much larger through the display case glass. That's downright misleading. Clearly, the glass in the case has a magnifying factor to it, which makes the items displayed look much larger. I find this really distasteful (the practice, not the wrap) and purposely misleading. This is very different from the milk half gallon jugs costing $2.25, while the same product is $1.95 at the local corner store. It's in the open-don't buy it if you think it's too expensive.

I will continue to shop at Whole Foods, since it is so convenient, but I will be more and more cautious about every item I buy. I will be more likely to walk the extra 5 blocks to Trader Joe's unless pressed for time.

Bob Ellis

Philadelphia, PA

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Whole Foods Market Pros: Service and cleanliness.

Location: 2101 Pennsylvania Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA

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