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I am hopeful that you will take advantage of the opportunity to be a LEADER in the retail industry by offering designated shopping hours for those who cannot wear a mask.

You have offered special shopping hours for seniors and disabled since early on during this unusual circumstance and we have patronized your store because of this.

Curbside shopping or instacart delivery is not fair and equal access, because there is an additional cost, and I ma not able to browse and look for new items and experience an enjoyable shopping experience.

Offering designated shopping hours for those who cannot wear a mask creates reasonable accommodations (as required by federal, state and local laws) and benefits your business.

Whole Foods will be recognized as a powerful community leader in creating a fair, just and equitable shopping experience for all your patrons in this way:

1. Shoppers who can’t wear a mask can shop in comfort and confidence — free of discrimination, harassment and intimidation (which violate federal and state civil rights laws)


Associates will not need to spend time checking to see if shoppers need to “wear a mask”

3. Shoppers who want to wear a mask can shop during certain hours in comfort and confidence without being threatened by those without a mask

4. Further, ASSOCIATES who cannot wear a mask could be assigned to work those hours.


This demonstrates YOUR commitment to your ETHICS and COMPLIANCE for NON-DISCRIMINATION policies

6. Your business can avoid costly and embarrassing discrimination lawsuits

I look forward to an enjoyable shopping experience!


Karen McFarland

User's recommendation: Write your letter to Whole Foods if you too would like the opportunity to shop mask free without discrimation.

Preferred solution: Establish designated hours for shopping mask free...I have shopped and supported you for 25+ years and appreciate your efforts in supporting your customers..

Whole Foods Market Pros: Quality & diversity of products and many locations.

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Do not worry about a private business operating on private property. You contact whoever you need to contact Karen. But posting from the parking lot after denied entry is all you Karen.

Karen M



Open your own store and make your own policies Karen.

Irena S

Thank you!


How do you propose they protect their front-line workers (their employees)?! You're not just risking your own health by refusing to follow mask requirements.


I am willing and interested to see the evidence that shows masks are protecting anyone from anything. Please link me to what you have.

Irena S

Why do they need to "protect" their employees? And how forcing me to suffocate myself makes anyone else safer?

It surely makes every idiot around "feel safe", but obviously masks do not protect the wearers or the others from so called infection. Otherwise masks would have been mandated in March. And besides - most people in China worn masks for years, but that Covid virus came from China, and was wide spread contagion among the Chinese.

Besides, WFM employees could volunteer to serve during mask-less hour. Cowards may stay behind and eat lunch.

@Irena S

They have a duty to protect their employees. Don’t like it it?? Open your own store Karen.


No muzzle shopping for those who has alternative views on health, viruses, etc.


Voting for Mask-Free Shopping Hours

DayMarie S

I also want mask-free shopping hours.


I shopped at Whole Foods frequently. Now I am asking, along with others, to please offer store hours for those of us who do not wear face coverings.

I want to continue eating healthy and staying healthy by having a strong immune system. Face coverings do not allow one to build up their immune system.

I look forward to shopping at your store again once this adjustment can be made for fair and equitable treatment for all customers who visit your store. Thank you!

Irena S



Please offer special hours for people that cannot wear a mask. I would like to keep shopping at your store and sincerely hope that you can come to a solution. Thank you.

Irena S



I also agree. Due to isolation, social distancing and masks our immune systems and oxygen levels are going down.

These are truthful and proven facts. The Governors issuing these "temporary" mandates have gone too far. Whole Foods is about eating and being healthy. That's why I prefer to shop there.

It's ironic to shop for wholesome, healthy foods, while being mandated to wear a mask that actually makes your oxygen level go down, and can cause other problems by breathing back in the air you are exhaling. As a health conscious company, I suggest you take the health of your shoppers into consideration and stand up for your customers' and staffs' best interest. You'll be amazed how many customers would choose to shop at your location without a mask.

Even if for only one designated hour a day, your store will be packed when word gets around. You have the right to be right and do the right thing!


I am a 35 year ICU nurse and for 7 years before that a respiratory therapist. I have been taking care of covid-19 patients since this pandemic started.

Your information you have posted is untruthful and not proven facts. Social distancing and masks do not effect your immune systems and do not effect your oxygen levels. You should try researching current information and when I say current I mean every single day as the studies and research change everyday as this is a new virus. If you think your immune system is going to protect you from this virus you are incorrect and you should do research on Cytokine Storm which I see almost every week.

I find it Ironic that you want to shop without a mask when we have a pandemic going on. Thank you Whole Foods for requiring your shoppers to wear masks!


I think you should study very well the statistics on C-Vid vs other flus (which btw were also VERY contagious, deadly to many, higher in percentages of contagion and deaths.) Keep wearing your surgical mask and protective clothing in an “ill patient” environment, and understand that non-mask wearers are entitled to their own health choices as well as up to date science we have also read about the uselessness of a mask as well as dangers of masks worn on a continuous basis by HEALTHY individuals. This is wonderful you work with ill individuals, the majority whom have co-morbidities complicating their care no doubt.

(This data comes to me from many I know who work in hospital environments.) Do not mistake that as being a reason to generally discriminate (there is not a law about wearing masks, just GUIDANCE - and there is a reason for that) against those who cannot wear one due to medical or religious reasons. We are asking for fair and ethical treatment by law with our own preferred shopping hours. You would be more than welcome to stay away during those hours. I might add one of my dear friends has run an ER/ICU for 30 years in the Bay Area and cared for “C-vid positive” patients and thinks it is ridiculous to think masks will protect the wearer or others around them from virus.

I think his experience and knowledge would be quite valid wouldn’t you? Whole Foods you are discriminating and have lost countless customers who cannot enter your store under the equal rights that other customers have..

please provide us with our own shopping hours and honor your ethics and fair treatment policies. Thank you.


I have yet to see a surge of patients who have become ill from wearing a facemask. .In over 35 years I have never seen a flu patient have to have any of their limbs amputated or go on a transplant list.

Keep that in mind while your complaining you can't shop without masks . Shame on you.

Karen M

@Lee I will greatly appreciate you providing a link or source to the studies indicating that masks work for preventing the spread of the virus.

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