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I am hopeful that you will take advantage of the opportunity to be a LEADER in the retail industry by offering designated shopping hours for those who cannot wear a mask.

You have offered special shopping hours for seniors and disabled since early on during this unusual circumstance and we have patronized your store because of this.

Curbside shopping or instacart delivery is not fair and equal access, because there is an additional cost, and I ma not able to browse and look for new items and experience an enjoyable shopping experience.

Offering designated shopping hours for those who cannot wear a mask creates reasonable accommodations (as required by federal, state and local laws) and benefits your business.

Whole Foods will be recognized as a powerful community leader in creating a fair, just and equitable shopping experience for all your patrons in this way:

1. Shoppers who can’t wear a mask can shop in comfort and confidence — free of discrimination, harassment and intimidation (which violate federal and state civil rights laws)


Associates will not need to spend time checking to see if shoppers need to “wear a mask”

3. Shoppers who want to wear a mask can shop during certain hours in comfort and confidence without being threatened by those without a mask

4. Further, ASSOCIATES who cannot wear a mask could be assigned to work those hours.


This demonstrates YOUR commitment to your ETHICS and COMPLIANCE for NON-DISCRIMINATION policies

6. Your business can avoid costly and embarrassing discrimination lawsuits

I look forward to an enjoyable shopping experience!


Karen McFarland

User's recommendation: Write your letter to Whole Foods if you too would like the opportunity to shop mask free without discrimation.

Preferred solution: Establish designated hours for shopping mask free...I have shopped and supported you for 25+ years and appreciate your efforts in supporting your customers..

Whole Foods Market Pros: Quality & diversity of products and many locations.

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Take this down


I support this request.


Take this down


Here here! Be a leader WF.

I find it strange that a company who promotes health and wellness along with organic foods goes along for the ride with all the widespread nonsense and confusion. Then again, folks, remember, WF is under the strong-arm of AMAZON now. Wearing a mask is like a 5 year old carrying a "security" blanket. Makes them FEEL safe but c'mon...really?

Are you FIVE?? There is no evidence - none what-so-ever, that masks do a darn thing other than make you look absolutely "conned" and frankly silly. Read the not-so-fine print ppl, they are "non-medical" and do not claim to do squat in protecting you or anybody else. It's merely a dust protector at best.

If you can still smell the aroma of coffee or the yummy pizza or bbq chicken cooking, then gosh darn it, those pesky teeny tiny viruses have already snuck in w/o your knowledge. Picture you putting up a chain-link fence to try and stop mosquitoes. Pretty funny, right? Critical thinking is a thing of the past.

You are all THEIR robots and THEY are all laughing at YOU. As an OCD person (which i know for a fact most of you aren't) good hygiene and cleanliness is key along with taking smart preventative measures like, C, A, Zinc, and a whole lot of other holistic aresenals in your home. I hate getting sick probably more than most of you on here but, THIS...THIS is making our entire Country sick. You should know better WF.

I still spend a lot of money at your store, but, trust me, if I could shop elsewhere I would. And, please train your employees not to be mask *** I see the effects on your innocent shoppers when they are publicly humiliated as your employees call them out because the mask happened to slip below their nose. It is offensive and causes a lot of ppl to become depressed.

Shame on you for being part of the growing systemic problem. OPEN UP TO YOUR MASK FREE SHOPPERS PLEASE!


Maskless pig!!!


Take this down


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wegZJI6NvpU Just so you know that there are many other scientists and doctors who will tell you the truth, and are being censored for doing so. Fauci, who is suppose to be the "expert" changed his tune on masks multiple times.

I am totally in shock that it is that easy for people to become sheep so quickly, and don't question anything. Amazing!

@Ryatt Fir

Then Send That information to their Corporate Headquarters. Their contact information is either found on This website or online.


I will do that. Wish they would actually read the information instead of complying to a guideline (not a law) that is discriminating.

@Ryatt Fir

Once again another repug who uses the term “sheep”. You left off tyranny, communist, and Chinese virus!

Get some new material as the White House is the new ground zero! Pathetic loser!


I hope WF hear and act on our behalf


I agree. Do this now!!


Hey Karen, you will notice that the orange Cheeto LIED TO US ALL!! He knew ahead of time that the virus was airborne.

Meaning he KNEW we need to use masks yet mocked those that did at every turn. So I guess maybe now that the truth has come out you can see why everyone is wearing the masks. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. Wear the damn mask and act like a adult instead of some whiner child because the mask is uncomfortable.

Your oxylevels and immune system won’t be effected by the very short time you will have to wear it while in the store. If you don’t like it you are free to go pound sand right up that hoochie and out a mask on that because wearing a mask is t going away. There are temporary emergency powers in effect and that makes any mandate a temporary law. God to think it’s ppl like you leading this country to *** in a hand basket.

Had he been a real leader he would have let us know how bad it really was and he would have been wearing a mask to show everyone it’s safe. You’re not protesting the mask, you’re protesting that you are FORCED to wear a mask. You don’t seem to understand that the mask YOU WEAR protects us from YOUR BIOWASTE that you spew with every breath. With every word you speak you are spitting.

Maybe rethink your stance since you would be infecting people you may actually give a damn about. I’m sure there is at least one person in Your miserable existence that you would like to keep alive and free from covid. If you can’t wear a mask for a minimal amount of time then you really need to just stay away because no one cares about your trying to be a rebel. No one cares what YOU THINK science is.

Doctors have been performing BRAIN SURGERY in masks and they seem to have no oxygen or immune system issues. So whatever Facebook post you took your science off of is wrong!! Unfortunately it’s stupid like you that can’t be taught new tricks. Even if a respiratory specialist came to your front door and showed you the math and science behind the mask you would t believe them.

The type of stupid you are is re-enforced by the very same ignorance you chose to wallow in.

Please, go catch covid and then sit there if you’re alive afterwards and complain about masks. Every mask denier who has caught covid has immediately flip flopped from their previous stance.




Do not worry about a private business operating on private property. You contact whoever you need to contact Karen. But posting from the parking lot after denied entry is all you Karen.




Open your own store and make your own policies Karen.


Thank you!


How do you propose they protect their front-line workers (their employees)?! You're not just risking your own health by refusing to follow mask requirements.


I am willing and interested to see the evidence that shows masks are protecting anyone from anything. Please link me to what you have.

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