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April 9. 2016

Whole Foods Market, Inc

550 Bowie Street

Austin Texas 78703-4644

Dear Whole Foods,

On or about, January 2016, I purchased a bottle of Tea Tree essential oil from Whole Foods in Oakland.

I have used essential oils for years with no complications.

I used the oil as I normally do, and applied a small amount to my underarms. The oil caused severe painful and disfiguring burns to my underarms. Due to the pain and the fact the burns have not healed I had to see a doctor on April 1, 2016. The physician examined me and said I had suffered a severe burn caused by the oil.

As of this date, the burn and pain still has not healed.

I enclose pictures of the burns and the bottle of oil that I purchased.

I am asking for reasonable compensation for my pain, suffering, disfigurement and medical expenses.

This letter is an attempt to seek a fair resolution of my damages caused by your product without resort to legal process.

I cannot wear tank tops or clothing that shows this disfigurement due to embarrassment. I am forced to cover my arms while working out and swimming due to the stigma and embarrassment from this disfigurement.

I look forward to hearing from you in the spirit of seeking of a fair resolution of my claim.


Rachel Roth

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You clearly failed to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil. Your so-called disfigurement and embarrassment is entirely your own fault. Whole Foods does not owe you a dime.


Ah! Another believer in the "healing power" of essential oils.

I assume you rubbed tea tree oil over some parts of your body as a massage oil in order to obtain some sort of benefit. Most essential oils are harmless---as well as pretty useless---it's all in your head---but pure tea tree oil can, indeed cause burns when used full strength. This is no secret and there are warnings on many sites about using it full strength and/or discontinuing use if you have any reaction to it. I use tea tree oil for some things, mainly as an antiseptic but never full strength as it is strong stuff, indeed.

The inflammation you experienced will go away with time---a few days or so.

Just wash the inflamed area with a mild soap like Ivory and then put some hand cream or such on the area to moisturize it a couple of times a day. You'll survive.

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