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Since Amazon bought Whole Foods, it's gradually being turned into just another typical grocer who could care less about what made the store popular years ago. Amazon is greedy, i.

e., Jeff Bezos, so he's cutting corners wherever he can to make a buck. The coffee section is now no selection other than the usual fare at any market (smaller coffee companies can't afford to sell their coffee cheap enough for Mr. Bezos) . The variety of breads, once plentiful, are now whatever Mr.

Bezos can get for cheap to sell (which obviously leaves out the smaller specialty bakeries), The produce has been cut back. Example, the bulk greens that used to be available are no longer (don't we want to provide ways to cut back on all the big plastic containers? Isn't that what Whole Foods was about? But, of course, it's too expensive for this billionaire to give a crap).

The list goes on and on.

I will no longer shop there. I may as well go to any market.

Reason of review: The store is not what it was. It has gone downhill in EVERY REGARD since Jeff Bezos took it over.

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Food is being literally contaminated by some homeless people there. I have gotten sick eating some of their bad food.

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