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On August 7th, 2015 at 8 p.m. in the Whole Foods Market of Midtown East, New York City, the rude cashier lady Lynette throw the shopping basket from the counter to the floor because she was having a bad day.

It happened when I placed my shopping basket on the counter, and she said to me :" next time make sure take everything out from the basket, because there is not enough rooms." I did not know what to reply, because this is the first time ever I've been told to take the stuff out of the basket, and the reason was there isn't enough rooms. I was trying to make her life easier, by letting everything stay inside the basket because there isn't enough rooms for that much stuff. As I stayed silent for not knowing what to say, she looked at me and said :" Did you hear what I told you? take everything out of the basket." I did not want to argue anything, so I didn't say a word back.

Then the shocking incident happened as soon as she finished scanning my product, she throw the basket to the floor, and I am not exaggerating. So I asked her :"Excuse me, did you do that on purpose?" Whats even more shocking, she replied :"Yes, because you ignored me." And wow I am experiencing this at Whole Foods, I just couldn't believe it. So I said to her I wanna see the manager, and she replied to me if you wanna see the manager you can go to the customer service yourself, while the manager Calcine is just right there. As I demanded she called the manager over, and I explained what just happened to him.

Here comes another surprise, he said to me :" we are allowed to throw basket to the floor." So I questioned him that if he meant this is okay? Then he said I'm not saying it is okay I'll just have to check the camera. He stood there look at me as if what is my problem, things are the way it is, and why am I causing a scene. Feeling ridiculous, I left the store, and on the way out I finally meet a nice old man who also works there, he told me that I should definitely file a complain for what I have experienced.

If wasn't because of the old man, I was not sure if Whole Foods still remain any hiring qualification. Lynette's attitude is a normal experience from any of the street crazy lady in NYC, but that happened in Whole Foods. I hope you could resolve this issue by giving them a lesson.

It is very unbelievable for such experience happening at Whole Foods. Very depressing!

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I received similar treatment at a whole foods in the cambridge, mass area at the fresh pond location. Extremely rude women cashiers, they hate putting baskets away very lazy and RUDE. Also terrible manager!

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1065167

Yes I also was treated in a very rude manner by a whole foods manager in Phoenix. She came up to table where I was quietly drinking my coffee.

She began yelling at me and told me that I had threatened her. I merely went up to a cashier and asked him to help the one girl at the coffee bar who was overwhelmed. She falsely accused me of horrible things I did not say. She cleared out the whole food court area due to what I believe was pure psychosis.

Then she told me to leave the store and never come back or she would call the police. Shop ther at your own risk.

It all stems back from a return I had without the receipt, where she threw the in store credit at me, and looked like she wanted to kill me. Shame on me for ever entering the store again.


First world problem. You think because you can afford to shop at Whole Foods you deserve to be pampered?

The cashier spoke to you and you didn't acknowledge. You have issues.

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