I called the store ahead of time to ensure a credit would be issued for items I had purchased and with a receipt. I clarified how one bottle had one pill left and the other very little.

I was told it would be fine since I had the receipt. I drove all the way over there and then told in person how they could not refund my money. The lady attending me realized who had told me I would be refunded and said he shouldn't have said so. She then called the department head to look at the bottles for determination of whether or not it could be refunded.

I stood there so embarrassed after being told over the phone it would be ok then in person having to wait such a long period of time for their decision to be made. Of course, other customers were standing in line waiting. The department head said it couldn't be done because (very loudly she said) it only has one pill and showed it to another employee, then showed the other one. I reiterated how I was told over the phone it would be ok.

They both stated how the employee was incorrect in saying so and could not honor his error. They then added how "I must have liked it since I used the entire bottle!" (even more embarrassment). I was so upset I told them they could keep the bottles after being asked if I wanted a bag for them. I called the manager later to see if he would do something since their return policy on the receipt guarantees any return with a receipt with no mention of if the bottle is full, half full or empty.

Additionally, I was told by the department head that they do not guarantee their products especially is used which is why I mentioned this to the store manager. Also, the return policy sign does not stipulate this "clause" either. After mentioning both of these things, relaying how other companies do guarantee their products and returns if unhappy and how it's not absurd to expect the same, the manager only offered a small gift care for the inconvenience and said he could not take sides because the employee who said over the phone it would be ok then told him it was not true. What ever happened to the customer being right, customer service, etc.?

Either way, I was so embarrassed that the decision has been made of not returning even for the small gift card. Lastly, almost forgot the most embarrassing part, the employee who was shown the bottles by the department head ridiculed me by saying I must have liked them since I used them all up. I happily reverted by saying, "How could you know if you like something or not without using it?!!!".

Needless to say, they now lost a customer since it seems that although their receipts and store signs are of no importance when making decisions which affect their customers on a whim with their policies being disregarded not to mention excluding the customer from being advised properly at time of purchase. Serious issues I would say.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

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Seriously??? What nerve you have!

You should be mortified by your behavior. You consumed the entire bottle and then had the nerve to go in and ask for a full refund???

WOW. That’s SO low class and trashy.


Whole Foods is a horrible company to purchase from. You cannot return anything - unopened and with receipt.

All they want is to pad their pockets.

Definitely not in business to protect their faithful customers. I’ll never return to that highly overpriced dump.


They lost a scam artist. Good for them, and good for me for not having to pay more for my purchases there.They're pills.

You took them one at a time, over a relatively long period of time. So you had plenty of time to determine the quality of those pills.

It's not like you ate a container of ice cream, got food poisoning, and tried to return the remaining 10%.They were always accommodating to me when I returned a mostly full container. Of course I never tried to return an empty container but I'm sure if I did, I'd get the same response as you did.


Whole Foods is a terrible company- PERIOD! They should honor their customers. They don’t care about you either-just the money your stupidly giving them.


I mean, to be fair why was there only one pill left if you weren't satisfied with the product?


I worked at a health food/supplements store and we had people pulling this stunt constantly. They would buy something, use all or 99 percent of it and then want to return and get their money back.

I remember one man came in with a huge bag of supplements that had expired like 8 years previously and said his mother had died, he found them cleaning out her house and wanted a full cash refund.

Thanks to people like that (and people like you) we had to completely revamp our return policy and make it very strict, which did put a stop to a most of this thievery but it also affected honest customers as well, which was a shame. Hopefully, you were embarrassed enough that you don't try this stunt again.


It does not require the use of 99% of a product in order to determine its effectiveness and whether you like it or not. This is common sense, which is something that you apparently lack.

Would you try to get a refund on a meal at a restaurant after you have completely devoured 99% of the plate? Come to think of it, yes, you probably would.


Be quiet


haha what a scammer!

Part of one bottle, and one pill in the other. That isn't suspect at all.


Please... You used ENTIRE product and want a refund? You types come in everyday to these store thinking you are so smart and going to abuse their return policies and you all wonder why their prices are so high


This is one of the most bizarre things I have ever heard of. I am always so happy when a store has a generous return policy that allows for the return of opened products because I am allergic to many things and some things are impossible to predict ahead of time.

People like the original poster here contribute to why more stores don't have such policies. And wow, to get refused by Whole Foods you have to really be something "special."


Sounds to me that Whole Foods didn't lose a customer, they lost a thief and a scammer. Like it says on another comment, whether it was written in policy or not, it's just cheap and bad form (and also totally transparent) to try to return a product of which you used almost all. You shouldn't be embarrassed by the WF employees you dealt with, you should be embarrassed by your own behavior.


Boco Raton. I think i get the picture. Are you from New York originally?


Is this an anti Jewish remark ?


Are you implying that everyone who moves to Florida from NY is Jewish???






If there was only a small amount left in each bottle, you should have known better than to try taking them back and expecting a refund. Common sense says you can't do that.

It shouldn't have to be written any place. Like Judge Judy says, something to the effect, if you go to a restaurant and eat the meal, you can't decide after you have eaten most of it or all of it, that you didn't like it and not want to pay for it.

You should have known a lot sooner than you say that you didn't like the pills. I;m sure they won't miss your business, being you seem to have wanted to rip them off.a


So true. Otherwise I would just leave one pill in all my bottles and return them! Free stuff!!

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