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I have been coming to Wholefoods in Newport Beach for Many years as Newport Beach has one of the Nicest Outdoor Mall's Fashion Island Mall owned by the Irvine Company . Newport Beach has a very thriving income that has some of the Top Stores to shop and Restaurants to eat when you walk into one of the Many places you will always see very well dressed Management that knows how to handle themselves with integrity that has a thriving business .

On . 3/29/17 . I went into Whole Foods early in the Morning to get a few things for breakfast as I have for a few years . Waiting for the breakfast to come out by the Kitchen Staff I noticed a cook out in the Pizza area with the Breakfast egg and cheese Biscuits as I was drinking my coffee .

I Noticed He was handling them with out Gloves with his bare hands and not that he wasn't using any kind of protection " Gloves" on his hands . Not knowing if he washed his hands or how dirty has hands had been before he touched the breakfast Biscuits that just didn't look healthy or would it to anyone else if they saw what I saw . The cook had a black beard and was talking to another female employee and not Noticing that he was not wearing plastic gloves that is a health Violation . I Noticed that I did see a lady Supervisor that didn't Notice the cook not wearing plastic glove's because she was chatting with another manager instead of doing her job .

I will not be eating breakfast egg biscuits anymore ! On 3/30/17 As always I take one of my employees out for lunch as we walk over to Wholefoods across the street because it is close healthy food . Walking in I've noticed that the Management has gotten very "Sloppy looking" how they dress allow me to express my views.. We order food at the front Counter I look over the Counter to order some Salad a very large lady that is wearing a "Black baseball cap" with "messy hair" under the hat and a "Black T shirt that has a "Superman" on with black Cargo pant's on .

Her name tag was Christina the Woman doesn't "Smile" and wears "No Make" and has such a very bad attitude over the counter you could feel it !!! She has a major lack of "Customer Service" that is "seriously disgusting" . She lacking anything but class and should not be a Manager so either her boss is her best friend and that is how she got the job or they can't find anyone with class and since of hygiene . The Younger lady Next to Christina seemed to be Another Manager as she wasn't dressed Appropriately with it looked school Surfer girl with a pony tail and a phone hanging off her hip .

As I was waiting I noticed that they both are talking very bad about someone that works at the Store we could both hear the Conversation both Managers were having it didn't seem like whom they had been talking that they had it out for them Personally Speaking . I've Been a Whole foods Shopper that spends his money and allot of my friends work in the Fashion Island mall eat there as well . I find it very displeasing too see Managers act like this I am very Appalled how these two female Managers had been acting that Whole foods doesn't take any pride or Value on how someone who is suppose to be representing this Company acts this way . So inappropriate to say the least !!!!!!

This Moment doesn't stop as my employee and myself walk over to the Pizza area that Whole foods has we Notice a Employee " Coughing" Abrasively and not Covering her mouth .. The Employee came from the Back kitchen as we "Stopped" we both Noticed as she walked back into the swinging back Double doors looking into the Little Windows that the Woman that was a very large female that she was"Coughing it Sounded like a deep Congested Phlegm cough Coming out of her in the back Kitchen Area . My Employee and I Both said " HOW DISGUSTING CAN YOU BE" The Lack of being that you don't know one of your employees are Possibly that Sick and she is in the back of the Kitchen Coughing all over the food . She was Coughing near the Pizza area as well and not anything to help her stop the germs flying .

That is a health department Violation I'm wondering what Else could be a health Violation in this store and if I am seeing this my feelings are I am not the only person who feel's the same way . To the Wholefoods Management for Wholefoods of Newport . "TAKE THIS SERIOUS OR NOT" Before You loose more people from eating or buying foods at your store . I would "Clean house" and remove some Management that "Misrepresents" your company and the Lack of Hygiene and being respectful Customer Service .

Wholefoods should follow these rules .. 1, Better Service and Customer Service . 2, Management that has a better dress code and better hygiene. 3, Knowing when a employee staff member is sick so they don't effect the food .

4, Having a Successful Business is also having a Successful happy Staff. 5, The lack of a having a immature unprofessional Management that treats their Staff with a lack of respect. What I mean by that is that I could hear two Managers having a open personal issue on the floor about a employee that it seemed that they had a issue . And did not know that people next to them had been listening or could hear the conversation ..

I will keep going into whole foods and the more I see I will be writing about these concerns I will keep writing until either I see changes or I will be contacting the health department plus a few others . Concerned Newport customer .

Review about: Whole Foods Market Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"always see very well dressed Management that knows how to handle themselves with integrity"

how did mngmnt go down hill in one day???

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