You should not mandate masks for customers.

User's recommendation: No masking.

Preferred solution: No masks.

Whole Foods Market Pros: Service and cleanliness, Most of the employees there.

Whole Foods Market Cons: No mask-free shopping, Over piriced prime hacking will take your money at any cost, Wearing masks.

Location: 4701 Grinden Dr, Duluth, MN 55811

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If anyone has medical breathing issues that are so very severe that they warrant a claim of being unable to wear a simple little face mask, for only a few minutes, then they are NOT the member of the household whom should be elected to do the family shopping.


What a completely ignorant statement....you want to wear a mask that is you privilege....but those that do not want to wear a mask should also have that privilege, regardless of the reason. My body, my choice. Pretty sad when one can commit murder , but have not the right to not wear a mask.

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