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Yeah iv tried 4 times calling corp austin tx no response no call backs l p called tampa police customer did nothing wrong police said this guy is a joke accusing wrong customer this security person is a disgrace to whole foods

Location: 1548 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33607, USA

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We had a horrible experience with some shopper there who thought she should have both sides of the isles for shopping. We were there shopping next to a man who worked in the store who happen to be loading shelves with food during this time when some angry woman came barreling down the same lane we were in shopping which she proceeded to tell us to move aside that there happen to be two lanes, which at that time there was not two lanes only one for the reason a WF guy working there was loading shelves with food, and there was no place for us to move too a that moment, so this crazy whacked out woman starts griping and telling us to move out of her way and then in a much lower tone proceeds to tell us to get F - ed, but with the real 4 letter word starting with " F ".

Than some other maniac working there come along with a big broom and gets right behind us sweeping at our heals. Ok enough! we could no longer shop and decided to leave. I suppose the fiasco of this strange shopping event saved us at least 2 1/2 hundred dollars ( Which we always normally spend there) but this time we instead got the heck out of their crazy store.

What a horrifying experience to say the least.

I have always liked WF , but lately it seems as to be going down hill. Some of the people who work there and shop there have NO MANNERS, cough on produce and sample bagged food with their dirty filthy hands ( GROASE ) It seems to us no longer to be a very healthy environment to shop in, nor a good store for healthy living.

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