For several months now, Whole Foods forces customers to carry their (pricey) products in paper bags without handles. I deeply resent it.

I have a long walk from the parking garage to my apartment and carrying anything, let alone groceries and breakable glass jars or bottles, in bags without handles is a major, major inconvenience.

This was supposed to end by December. It is December 23, and Whole Foods STILL does not have a handle on their bags with handles. I am sick of hearing about their problems with their manufacture, this should be their problem, not my problem. I walked out of the store without buying anything several times now after checking whether the bags with handles were back, and they weren't.

From now on, I am not going to check but I am going to go straight to other stores: Trades Joe's, Central Market, ethnic food stores etc.

For the prices they charge, the service is unacceptable. And the bags are just the last drop, by no means are they the only problem.

Location: Houston, Texas

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Bring your own bags, problem solved. Save trees too......


Oh god, just fork out a dollar and buy a Green ecobag already.

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