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Dear John Mackey First i say forget the rude service! its the worst when I'm here in Florida.

I am blessed to shop where and when from Florida to California but the integrity of food you serve in your deli prepared and hot bar alone is jaw dropping. For example fried pig skin! You call them chicharones. Pig skin fat known to have natural occurring parasites and carcinogens, fried in more fat is why 2 out of 5 people have diabetes and congenital heart disease.

You serve dead meat over vegatable choices more than ever, but pig fat, this should never be consumed. Also you claim canola oil to be organic and non-gmo, when in fact Canola Oil (Oil of Canada) was modified before wholefoods was ever born. Now your calling it organic. It is well know in the health community as a modification of rape seed.

Your store is beyond the robots that run and service them. You've become a glorified Publix, with the Walmart mentality. This is not a complaint anymore, but the end of my journey with a corporate company that is either in bed or highly influenced by the heavy-handed marketing tactics of big food companies. Stop referring to yourselves as real food because your not.

There are many mom and pop natural food markets that deserve the title. You are not and haven't been for decades.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whole Foods Market Deli Department.

Reason of review: Your company is no longer real foods.

Preferred solution: Never shop with you again and writing about it.

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As a nutritionist and dietician, I can see you are a chronic complainer who likes to pretend you know a thing or two. The Canola Oil comment alone tells me that. Go back to your basement.

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