San Jose, California
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Went to the store on the Alameda San Jose today. Wanted to buy King Salmon.

Price per pound is $26.99. I can see the King Salmon on top of the pile, however, when the person pulled my piece he pulled it from underneath the pile. I asked, why this one seemed too fatty. He said, it just happened to be that way.

I paid $29.99 (more than one pound piece) and went home. When I popped the package at home and held felt the fish. I said there is no way in heaven this is the King Salmon. My diet includes Salmon at least twice a week.

I took the Salmon back and went to customer service to return it. Michael, introduced himself to me as the supervisor. I told him I want to return the product. Without a word, he started to make the return.

I asked him, if was going to ask me why I'm returning it, he didn't answer. So I waited and asked again, he said why am not returning it for you. I said you are missing the point. I took my credit back to the seafood dept to get the $9.99 salmon and told the person again that this is not king salmon and he should remove the rest from that pile.

He looked at me at simply ignored what I said. I went back to Michael and asked if he can right his name and the other persons name on a paper for me.

He simply said:"if you are writing a complaint I'm not going to write the names for you." I left with a big disappointment that this type of deceiving behavior would happen in a place like Whole Foods. Trust is lost.

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