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trust me when i tell you that i gave inside info , pictures and proof to assure the public that what in saying is true and to not take a chance or shop for sea food in florida .

Florida coordinator David Ventura

manipulates the public and wholefoods by selling refrozen sea food as fresh .

it doesn't sell he will float it around

in tye distributors he collects free trips and other gifts from .

he lives on getting kickbacks .

Ask the sea food workers how they are being treated ? screamed next to other members ..

calling them stupid .

makes me sick when i read about how they care for their workers .

complete false .

and if u write a review on your boss and it isn't good

he will make sure to retaliate .

so much more to say

will also be adding pictures .

stay away from the seafood dept thats for sure ..

personally im DONE with wholefoods all together .

Sprouts ,Lyckys ,earth fair ,trader joes ,publix

all better than wholefoods ..

seafood in wholefoods florida region was manipulated by numbers and u having to eat unfresh even spoiled fish ..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: research for truth .

Whole Foods Market Cons: Customer service, Worst sea food management, Extremely rude store employees, Disrespectful employees, Bad experiences lately.

Location: Miami, Florida

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And you know of all of this how ? There's no mention of personal involvement with the vendor you so freely publicly slam. Therefore, your post is hearsay and not admissible.


i know because my Fiance was an assistant coordinator .. when his boss did these things he would tell me .. i don't just say it i have proof pictures ,emails ..

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