Unfair Business practices

Neglect & insult to customer for attempting to receive funds

Ebt Funds were charged however approved it was from a faulty charge of EBT system

Whole Foods management did not check into this glitch they were repeatedly asked about before customer called the police on alleged larceny charge to home shopper,

once "glitch confirmed

Manager does not inform customer

customer chasing down manager again

No money returned

customer denied further contact with store

"Nothing more they could do"

"Did not want to be involved"

claimed money had been returned but it was NOT

customer received further insult when attempting to receive receipt proof of return

accused customer of nuisance & disturbing staff

one conversation phone was slammed down on customer

customer calls other store to receive info how to reach central processing for receipt

accused by manager of continued nuisaince

the time spent stonewalling & insult to customer could have been used to assist to lacate funds



What entitles these inexperienced , poorly trained managers the right to abuse a 23 year customer who worked with management freelance re: whole health Criticized for attempting to receive welfare funds of $130.71 from the faulty charge system no one would admit or inform of .

Amazon Whole Foods River St. Cambridge still with holding funds after 300 hours attempt for customer receive back

How is it possible a manager * asst can be so short sighted in follow thru with customer process to receive funds back

Zillion dollar corporation Amazon take over of whole foods market is a tragedy

Cambridge Mass one of the biggest cities in country neighborhood infrequenting store

product , service poor nothing as before .

community grocery store fails the community

abuses an elderly , disabled , poor dedicated customer of 23 years

AMAZON took in $130.71 on Dec 5 from welfare funds

January 15 still not returned.

This is a larceny issue

unfair business practices

inappropriate behavior from management

if customer had not done own investigation

today January 15 would not be close to attempt on receiving money Would Amazon have kept it ? customer fighting to receive money returned over 300 hours retrieving documents & communication with involved parties.


"I do not want to be involved

"Nothing more I can do "

Stop calling manager states

gives no resource to customer to call secret hotline for complaints & concerns

Customer finds and calls on own

to legal office in Regional national office

still waiting............

Product or Service Mentioned: Whole Foods Market Manager.

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

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I was insulted there too. The manager had an attitude and she was wrong.

Whatever happened to good customer service. I can't wait for a robot to replace her.

If you look at all the workers, most are on the phones at the registers. They all need to be retrained.


Big talk for a EBT user. Clueless.

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