The service was horrific. The manager kept at least 40 ppl waiting to get inside the store when she was holding her company meeting.

She didn't even apologize. She had an attitude and told ppl to take a card for a general customer service number. When I passed by her, mumbled to myself not so nice words that were not said directly to her. When I was leaving, she asked to speak to me and asked if I had a problem with her.

I said I was in a rush but then came back down the escalator to speak to her. Her first comment was "do you know who I am just cause I am dressed like this" I barely remember her face and never looked at her clothes until she pointe to them. Then 2 other ppl surrounded me who were triple my size. I am five feed and 90 lbs.

I felt intimidated and very surrounded and not comfortable. I have never felt bullied in my life like I did from the three of them. She was the worst customer service manager. I can't believe whole foods allows ppl to be bullied by their own employees.

What ever happened to the customer is right and treating them nicely by apologizing. There were many other ppl complaining. She had such an attitude and made sue 2 other ppl were around me so I go nervous and feit like a victim.

I was devastated and whole food did nothing abt her. I was in the wrong even if all of these big ppl surrounded me;; I have neve fellow like a victim and taken advamtage of in whol eloge, Please advise asap.

Product or Service Mentioned: Whole Foods Market Manager.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: New York, New York

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