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Whole Foods Market - Whole Foods Austin escalator broke multiple bones in my foot

Whole Foods Austin's Corporate 6th street store has a very uncomfortable and "unsafe feeling" escalator. You use it to access the parking garage You have to go on with your basket in front of you and it is very steep. Even when you go on without a basket, it feels like your going to slide down to the bottom. No one I spoke to likes it and they all feel unsafe. When I got to the bottom, instead of rolling off, front wheels stuck, the belt kept moving, I went up underneath back wheels and it came down on my foot. Broke 2 metatarsals, injured my hip, have been in physical therapy. Over 5 months later still recovering!
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I am not from Austin, but I've been to the store mentioned above a couple of times. I found it safe enough.

I had no fear of falling or sliding down the thing. Of course, I didn't break my foot.

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Whole Foods Market - Whole Foods

I absolutely love shopping at Whole Foods. Every time I walk in to the store it is clean, the food is fresh and the employees are friendly and helpful. The main things naysayers have against Whole Foods is that it is expensive, and it can be, but the food quality is unmatched by other grocers. The meat, bakery, and the seafood department are always stocked with the freshest food, and the never short on variety. In fact, I have found some great deals at Whole Foods. These deals are the typical sales of $2-$5 but you can still find savings in the store if you look. I am not vegan or a culinary expert, I just like good food, and clean shopping environment. If you can provide that, then you have my business, and Whole Foods, you have my business.
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Isreal E

I love Whole Foods! Their produce isn't always PERFECT for the higher prices they charge, but it's my go-to for hard-to-find health food products and nuts and other whole foods in bulk. The customer service and shopping experience is amazing as well!

I need to check out some of the coupons suggested by buyerbeware!

Shelley F

Just A Suggestion: If you haven't already done this: You should sign up for their email newsletter. They will send you coupons you can print at home (only usable @ Whole Foods).

This helps keep the cost lower - some of these are for their own 365 line of products which is really a good deal. I Luv Whole Foods!!!

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Whole Foods Market - Tofurkey Italian Sausage

Okay, I am a vegetarian who rarely eats "Faux Meats" because of they taste plastic and are phonier than Victoria Osteen. I had read several reviews on Tofurkey Italian Sausage, and they were mixed reviews. I have a really hard time digesting meat. Eating real meat (which I miss so much) becomes a very painful experience which sometimes lasts for days. I was really craving italian sausage and decided to give Tofurkey a try. OMG! It was so *** gross! It tasted like something that you hurl up after a night of hard drinking. It tasted of plastic and chemicals. Thank God Whole Foods Market refunded my money with no questions asked. The cashier who did the refund said she is a vegan and won't touch that "alien vomit". LOL!
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Tofurky, in general, is an excellent brand. They do not use hexane and some of their tofu & wheat gluten mix products are actually quite good.

If you are looking for the best "Italian Sausage", then try the "Field Roast" brand. It is wheat gluten based and by far the best Italian Sausage.


Alien vomit tastes like the Tofurkey Italian Sausage then all I can say is that alien vomit tastes pretty *** good.

I suggest that everyone who is interested try it for themselves. It cannot compete with "real" sausage, but for those of us who have made the transition to vegan and still desire some of flavor of "meat" this is pretty darn good. At least nothing dies when an alien vomits.

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